Message from Bishop Nick

Coronavirus and Church Services

Below is the updated guidance from the church of England regarding various services in church (that is, until everything changes and it's all re-updated!)

Sunday and midweek services, clubs, events and other regular groups.

These are all to be cancelled until further notice and includes the confirmation service that was to take place in April.


These are allowed to go ahead, but with only limited numbers of attendees (so just close family) and with great care given to hygiene and distancing advice.


These can take place but with only the couple, the clergy person and the witnesses present.

Responding creatively

Whilst these rules will restrict what we as a church do quite considerably, it also offers an opportunity to do things differently, from videoed sermons to prayer stations in the church.  Certainly the intention is to open each of the three churches at certain times of day during the week for individuals to come and spend time in private prayer and contemplation.  Please keep an eye on each church's website to see what is going on.

Each village is also putting into place a set of volunteers who can help those in need and another list of those who have needs due to self isolating, and the church is playing a lead role in each case