Toy service


NOVEMBER 6TH, at 10am


On November 6th, 2016 at 10am our ALLTOGETHER@10 SERVICE will take the form of a TOY SERVICE


This will be an opportunity both to enjoy a service that incorporates both young and older members of our congregation and at the same time actively help to bring happiness to others.


We ask that you bring a toy or toys that will be suitable for all ages of children. The people from St George’s Crypt, who are distributing the toys to needy families in Leeds, have asked if we can help to provide the following toys or Christmas Gifts for:


➢ Babies and Toddlers
➢ Primary Aged Children
➢ Teenagers


The distibutors ask that the items are unwrapped if possible so that they can assess the suitability to the age group.


They tell us that they are very grateful for our generosity in previous years but please do not send soft, cuddly toys as they had too many of those last year and have kept them safely in store for this year. They suggest clothes or pram toys for the very young children and cosmetics for the teenagers.


Please join us for this service and help us to give some needy families a Happy Christmas this year.