Lent study groups

Lent Study groups and sermon series
During lent all three churches, in conjunction with the Methodist churches in each village, will be running Lent Study groups both in daytime and evening sessions.  These study groups will then be used by the preachers on the following Sundays as 'real-life' responses to the material.  The course has been written by our own Bishop Nick and takes as it's theme the first chapter of Mark's Gospel.  I would encourage all congregation members to try to get to the study groups, as they can be an engaging and thought-provoking experience, helping us to develop our Christianity.
The dates, places and times of each group are below;

Lent Study groups 2019


10am Thorner Methodist school room


10:30am (1st & 3rd Tuesdays) 137 Main Street, Scholes

7:30pm, 11 Elmete Drive, Barwick  

8pm Thorner Mexborough pub

8pm Barwick, The New Inn


3pm Barwick Methodist school room


7:30pm Scholes, St Philip’s,