I wonder if our cats speak Yorkshire? Are you a dog or cat person? Will cats make it to heaven? Typical questions from children. We like to walk in the new found countryside that we are so blessed to have on our doorstep. Even Gloria followed us on a walk recently. Who takes their cat for a walk? Well, my dad used to. He would walk to the pub and have a few beers, the cat would wait and walk back home with him. 

Our expedition was less harmonious. In panic Gloria hid under a car, obviously confused. A rescue mission ensued. It was the parable of the lost cat. Meowing loudly but immovable, my daughter managed to coax Gloria from her hiding place, grab the confused cat and get home.

As a child I remember returning home to a scene of carnage. The goldfish lay dead on the floor, it’s bowl knocked over. The budgie was decidedly deceased with feathers in every corner of the room. Sat in the middle of the scene was our smug looking cat. Nowadays it would be a YouTube cat video, joining the other 2 million, watched over 25 billion times!

Last year cat ownership in the UK reached 8 million, only exceeded by dogs at 8.5 million and 33 million fish (BBC). Apparently cat ownership is being driven by celebrities such as Ed Sheeran and Russell Brand. Men are leading the way in owning cats; but why? Mike Brooks, from Nottingham says; “They're cute, usually cuddly (if you respect their wishes), generally low-maintenance, and there is nothing more satisfying than the purr of a happy cat.” I think this says more about men than cats!

Pets play an important part in our lives. They provide companionship and affection. But let’s not kid ourselves, we may have a collar or microchip to say they belong to us but we all know we belong to them. I am the slave, they are the masters! 

I recently went on a course. Myself and fellow Curates went for a walk in the extensive forrested grounds of the conference centre. The staff told us to stick to the path, no map needed, you can’t get lost. We got lost, becoming disorientated in the snow and trees.

Like my walk, we can get lost on life’s journey and hide, frightened by new circumstances. It may be that we have had a hard knock, with feathers flying all around our usually ordered life. Maybe we feel enslaved to a job or relationship, or just feel unloved. Whatever our situation, companionship for our journey can help, family, friends, God, dogs and cats.

Will pets be in heaven? I hope so. Life is richer with them. In the meantime here is an original YouTube cat video to enjoy.


Blessings, Bob