Andy’s pilgrimage during summer 2019

At the border of Asturias and Galicia

Today I have been an angel of the camino.   The owner of these sandals and interesting tattoos was so engrossed on his phone that he missed the turn.  I called him back and saved him a long round trip.

Today I am reflecting on our adoption in the family of God

Made it to O Cadavo.  A beautiful day's walk but with some brutal up hills.  It's not called 'the leg wrecker' for nothing.  Tomorrow I go to Lugo where there is a Roman re-enactment festival.  Should be fun.

Today made it to Lugo.  Have been reflecting on how through our words and actions, as well as our silence and inaction, we can reject or ignore our adoption into God's family.

Tomorrow I will be changing camino and having a couple of rest days.  I will restart from Ourense, which is about 100km South of Santiago. 

Yesterday's walk was from Ourense to the monestary of Oseira, a pretty long 20 mile walk.

Halfway there the camino splits, with the road to Oseira an alternative route.  I thought that I was on the correct path but 7km in I realised that I had gone wrong.

I ended up having to go an extra 6km (4 miles) in the scorching heat.  At least it gave me plenty of time to reflect on the pain I cause myself when making wrong decisions!

I finally got to the monestary at 6:30, just too late for the final tour of the day.

At 7:30 the 9 Cistercian monks still in the monestary celebrate vespers and pilgrims are invited to join them.

It was a bit like being in Fountains Abbey (which was also Cistercian).  There was lots of standing and bowing and chanting of psalms.  Half way through the service I started to have a funny turn and nearly fainted.

Today's angels of the camino were a local lady and the hospitalero (person in charge of the albergue) who sat me down and gave me a drink of water.

Up this morning a bit late after a wonderfully long sleep and done a shorter walk as far as Castro Dozon today.