Andy’s pilgrimage during summer 2019

First rain today following a week of torrential sunshine.  At the moment it's a blessed relief.  Not sure I'll feel that way in 2 days time when I'm soaked to the skin.  Heading to Laxe today and reflecting on how high moments in our lives can bring us closer to God.

Only 44 km to go to Santiago.  That's 2 days walking.  After that I will head towards the coast and Finisterre - the end of the world!

Fortunately the weather improved for a while this morning and didn't pour down until after I had arrived at the Albergue, which looks like it should be on 'grand designs'.  All for a meagre 6 Euros.

The albergue may have been a bit grand designs, but unfortunately the mossies had grand designs on my blood.  Not much sleep had consequently.

Reflecting today on how co-incidents, or perhaps God - incidents, help me to better understand myself.  Heading as far as I can in the direction of Santiago.  Not sure how far I'll get.

Last day of walking to Santiago. Tomorrow I start walking towards the coast and Finisterre - the end of the world!

Me and my Aussie friends in front of the cathedral of Santiago.  We made it!

Today I have got to km0 - Muxia.  Tomorrow is the end of the world - Finisterre.