Alpha course and comfirmation information

Explore life, faith and its meaning - Confirmation and Alpha
A number of people have shown interest in Confirmation and a desire to further explore life, faith and its meaning. Alpha uses short video starters and discussion to explore the Christian faith and life’s big questions in a relaxed and open atmosphere. No questions are off limits! The Guardian newspaper reported that; ‘What Alpha offers, and what is attracting thousands of people, is permission, rare in secular culture, to discuss the big questions; life and death and their meaning.’

We are looking to run Alpha courses for young people (aged ten to seventeen) after Easter and for Adults in the autumn. Alpha will be used as part of our Confirmation preparation for those wishing to take their faith a step further.

Alpha is open to anyone from across the Benefice, whether a regular church goer, dipping your toes in, or you have never set foot in a church but have an interest in thinking what life is about. All are welcome! Alpha would make an excellent complement to the monthly “Good Book Club” at Thorner, the Lent study groups (across the Benefice) or “The Bible’s Difficult Bits” each Friday (7.30pm - 9pm) at St Philip’s Scholes.

To find out more, make a provisional booking or to offer help please contact:

Andy Nicholson at (0113 289 2437)
Alpha contact, also the ‘Good Book Club’.

Alan Stanley at (0113 281 2769)
Alpha contact, also ‘The Bible’s Difficult Bits’.

Neale Lucas at
Adult Alpha Coordinator (Autumn 2019).



Bob Bailey at (0113 260 7721).
Confirmation and Youth Alpha Coordinator (Easter 2019).